Jay Chi

Jay has worked in interactive entertainment for the last sixteen years as an industry advisor. He now focuses on helping early stage and large international firms with their strategies, investments and growth, working globally across Asia, North America, and Europe. A lifelong gamer and advocate for the industry, his passion is in supporting individuals and companies—large or small—who make positive contributions to the rapid growth of interactive entertainment.


Michael Cheung

Michael spent the last decade helping companies grow and scale overseas in interactive entertainment and consumer industries. An engineer at heart, he was a senior director at Tencent in China, where he led international live streaming. Before that he was a data scientist working with companies in the entertainment and consumer industries. In his earlier years, he cut his teeth in esports as a competitive Counter Strike player.


Ryann Lai

Ryann worked in Morgan Stanley’s investment banking division, advising FinTech companies and financial institutions in Asia and North America. Ryann’s passion for gaming led him to Makers Fund where he focuses on games and esports, as well as supporting our portfolio companies. A literal diehard gamer, Ryann was once hospitalized for gaming too long. In the rare in-between when he is not staring at a screen, he is playing basketball or dozing on a plane.


Richie Zhu

Born and raised in China, Richie hopes to bring more interactive entertainment companies to Chinese consumers and has a passion for applying AI and other cutting edge technologies. Before joining Makers Fund, Richie was at McKinsey where he worked on strategy and analytics for leading internet and high-tech companies in China. Richie is a trained physicist and lifelong gamer, with a special interest in strategy games.


CeCe Cheng

CeCe has been an early stage investor and startup operator for the last decade. She was previously on the investment team at First Round where she co-founded Dorm Room Fund, the first national pre-seed fund focused on university entrepreneurs. CeCe has led sales and marketing teams in startups from seed through Series B and is passionate about supporting founders find product-market fit and strategizing on marketing, community, and growth.


Ryan Payton

Ryan is designer and founder of Camouflaj, a Seattle based game studio best known for the multiplatform hit, République. Ryan’s career in gaming began as a freelance writer for Ziff-Davis and WIRED magazine, which led him to join Konami in Tokyo. Upon shipping Metal Gear Solid 4, Ryan moved to Seattle to join Microsoft as creative director on Halo 4. In addition to Makers Fund, Ryan is an official advisor to Fumito Ueda (The Last Guardian), Yu Suzuki (Shenmue III), and Swery (The Good Life).


Zen Chao

Chao has served the Tech and Media industry for the last 10 years: first as an investment banker advising on M&As, and later as a consultant supporting companies solve management problems. Driven by his passion for creativity and innovation, he now dedicates most of his time in helping independent creators/developpers around the world– from indies to AAA — realize their creative visions and grow their businesses. While Chao considers himself an “omnivorous” content consumer, he particularly enjoys carefully crafted interactive narratives.